Career and Executive Coaching in Canary Wharf and the City

What is coaching?

Coaching is an action- oriented and future -focused intervention, where you are listened to, supported and appropriately challenged by an experienced and qualified professional towards a goal you’d like to achieve or a change you’d like to make. Through the support of your coach you identify the gaps in your thinking, reflect on your habits and enhance your perception of events, situations and people.

With the help of your coach you reflect, analyse, plan, take action and get results.

What does a coach do?

The key role of a coach is to hold a mirror to what possibly could be in the way of you and the changes you’d like to bring about- and encourage you to overcome them.

Your coach is there to ask you the right questions at the right time, to help you arrive at the correct answers quicker than you otherwise would.

And most importantly to make sure you TAKE ACTION.

Executive vs Career Coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on the development and enhancement of the client’s leadership and management skills and performance.

Career Coaching is centred around the development and enhancement of the client’s career performance, the extent they are able to fulfil their potential and effectively plan their career path.

During both types of coaching, the client’s professional life remains to be the main focus.


Work isn't 'just work'. It's where most people spend most of their time. It's where many people are able to make a positive impact, develop their skills and expertise, grow as people and learn about others and themselves. Therefore, it's important that our work is aligned with who we are, how we define ourselves at this moment in time, and where we would like to be in the future.

Examples of results I help my clients achieve - therefore you also can achieve, are as follows:

Mindset & Behaviour Change

  • Make ‘reflecting back’ a habit and a part of your weekly ritual
  • Bridge the gap between your present situation and your future aspirations
  • Identify and effectively use your strengths and skills
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Boost personal effectiveness and performance
  • Increase assertiveness
  • Raise confidence levels
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Become more empathetic
  • Become more resilient
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Get promoted

Effective Communication

  • Learn about a variety of communication and leadership styles colleagues prefer and display
  • Identify your preferred communication and leadership style and ways of getting the best out of all the other preferred styles
  • Identify the gaps in your communication skills and refine your communication
  • Build rapport quickly


  • Connect with your team more effectively
  • Get skilled in giving and receiving feedback
  • Get better at developing others
  • Boost team engagement and motivation
  • Become more visible with your hard work, experience and results
  • Enhance your influence

First 90 days

  • Demonstrate your strengths and skills in your first 90 days in a new role
  • Get impactful results for your organisation within the first three months of starting a new role

Landing a New Job

  • Have a CV better aligned with personal experience, strengths and skills
  • Have an updated and effective LinkedIn Account
  • Be thoroughly prepared for interviews

Effective teamwork

  • Get the best out of complimentary strenghts and skills
  • Create a culture of engagement and collaboration
  • Create a culture of high performance and accountability


Whilst my clients come from diverse industries and backgrounds they all unite in posessing the following qualities:

  • An attitude of ‘high performance’ and a desire to get the best out of their work lives
  • Passionate about their career and ready to shape it
  • Either aspire to be leaders or would like to become more effective leaders
  • Emotionally, mentally and financially fit to invest in growth and change
  • Comfortable with receiving positive and critical feedback
  • Open to brainstorming and trying new things when aligned with their purpose
  • Take continuous action towards their vision


Ozlem Imil head coach at Canary Wharf coaching

My name is Özlem Imil. I’m a DISC accredited, qualified and experienced Executive Coach. I’ve been a coach and a mentor for the last decade and have been a full- time coach and soft skills trainer for the last 6 years after receiving my coaching qualification from the Coaching Academy. I have thousands of hours of coaching, hundreds of clients and great results behind me. I’ve so far worked with professionals from technology, finance, education, law, science and more…

I’m passionate about and committed to my clients’ professional performance and development- and of course their well-being.

When you work with me your career and leadership are at the centre of our work. I want you to get the best of your work hours and stop seeing work as ‘just work’ but as a meaningful ‘career’ that you shape.

Supporting you in maximising your productivity, potential and opportunities is my top priority, while teaching you how best to nurture relationships at work. We focus on making sure you become more visible for the results you bring to your organisation. We also ensure you can communicate more effectively to increase your influence and play a bigger role in making the vision of your company come true whilst advancing your career in a purposeful manner.

I absolutely love coaching and helping people reconnect with their strengths, skills, passion and resilience. We all have the capacity to take action and create success.

If you and your organization are ready for an increase in awareness, inspiration, motivation and results, please get in touch.

Ozlem Imil trained with Coaching Academy
Ozlem Imil is accredited to deliver DISC personality profile
Ozlem Imil is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Ozlem Imil practice is protected by the holistic services insurance


The Coaching Model

Alongside creating and using powerful coaching tools, I use a coaching model that includes: Reflection- Clarification- Reconnection- Implementation- Revision.

Sample areas and questions covered in each stage of the model can be seen below. The model is not rigid and is fully adaptable to your needs:


  • What has your career and leadership story been so far?
  • What have been the successes, highs and lows? Why?
  • How do you connect with others?
  • How do you develop them?


  • What habits have you created as a result of your values and beliefs that help or hinder your career progression?
  • How do some of those habits benefit you now?
  • How about the ones that don’t benefit you any longer?


  • What would you like to create for yourself? Why?
  • How is your vision supported by your strengths, skills and network?
  • If there is a gap, what is it?
  • What will you do to close that gap?


  • What are all the actions you can take to get to the next level?
  • Brainstorm with your coach to create a roadmap.
  • Take action.


  • Reflect upon your actions.
  • Celebrate successes and tweak strategies where necessary.


"Having Özlem as my coach has been one of the best investments in my personal development."

Tim Mayer

CEO, Technology

"I defined numerous challenging goals with Özlem’s guidance and was able to achieve a lot during the process! I got a new job exactly as I wanted and with the salary I was aiming for. Most importantly, coaching changed the way I think. I have more of a sense of direction."

Jessica Berton

Compliance Manager, Hedge Fund

"The coaching sessions I had with Özlem were immensely helpful to my personal development. Özlem helped me identify my qualities and strengths and supported me to articulate them. The coaching process worked very well with Özlem as a strong, disciplined mirror."

Nalan Erol

Cyber Security Consultant, Banking

"Özlem has the ability to guide any professional into identifying their strengths and values and how to approach challenging situations. She is very easy to work with and her methodology is very effective as it is based on identifying clear goals and setting up a path to reach them. She has a strong business acumen while being emotionally intelligent which was a real asset for me. I would recommend Özlem for any training and coaching."

Yasmine Abbas- Customer Success Manager, Technology

"I have no hesitation in recommending Özlem to anybody seeking coaching support. She'll fill you with enthusiasm and ideas and be instrumental in helping your reach your goals"

Tracy Winchester - Corporate Change and PMO

If you’re looking for a coach, look no further! Özlem and I instantly clicked, I immediately felt comfortable and confident in her company. She provided me with a great understanding of myself and the wider business world in a relatively short period. I noticed a big difference in my ability to break down tasks and deliver beyond expectation, as well as being motivated to develop my career.

James Bashford - Business Development Manager, Technology

"Özlem has been a great collaborator and coach and has helped me in assessing a number of areas from career road map, to communication and work style. I would recommend Özlem to anyone needing to jump start their career or simply looking at making a change in the way they do things "

Christine Baltas

Business Development Leader, Corporate Real Estate


Canary Wharf coaching, offers 4 coaching packages: Explore, Deep Dive, Change, Transform


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